DTX-40 Technical specifications

Power supply

The module contains an electrical (2N) installation and distributor that power the entire data center module.

Two batteries and two UPS units are installed with an autonomy of 5 minutes. Even if the UPS system fails, the module remains fully functional.

Cooling system

At the right outside temperature, the module can be sustainable cooled using outside air. This option is very economical.

Another option for sustainable cooling is our patented adiabatic cooling system, for which two cooling units are available. This system is based on heat dissipation through the evaporation of water. It advantages are:

  • constant humidity
  • low energy consumption (PUE < 1.2)

Fire suppression system

The module is equipped with an automatic fire suppression system. When smoke is detected, the affected space like the IT layer and several technical components can be filled with IG55, a harmless, clean and dry extinguishing gas that doesn't damage your equipment.

Building management system

The building management system enables easy readout of data and malfunctions, giving you the opportunity to manage the indoor climate and energy consumption efficiently.

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