Vision and Mission


DataXenter's ambition is to become the market leader in the design, construction and management of sustainable modular data centers. 


DataXenter designs, builds and manages sustainable modular data centers for its customers on a project basis. We employ a standardized and perfected blueprint that enables us to deliver a complete data center within a very short period of time. Thanks to the modular design, this can always be tailored to the customer's wishes. 

Core values

    • Professionalism

We strive to operate and communicate with integrity at all times, offering customers a level of support and care that we are proud of.

    • Innovation

Is the driving force of our company. We aim to be one step ahead through developing products and solutions that fit our customers’ demands, both now and in the future. Internally, we actively encourage our employees to present new ideas and develop them into innovative products.

    • Transparency

Our transparency starts with our communication efforts, ensuring that both our employees and customers are kept up to date of new developments where possible.

    • Respect

We treat customers and fellow employees with the respect they deserve, to develop and nurture important relationships. We understand the impact and importance we have on our environment and strive to reduce our carbon footprint through company-wide initiatives.

    • Engagement

We value the commitment of employees to their work and the delivery of the best service possible to our valued customers.

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