The benefits of DataXenter

The modular concept offers more benefits:

  • Short time-to-market; you can be operational very quickly
  • Expansions can be implemented with no downtime of previously installed modules
  • Data centers can be set up with a relatively low initial investment or through leasing
  • Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) thanks to very low power consumption
  • Strong green credentials thanks to high energy efficiency (low PUE <1.2)
  • Modules easily fit into existing buildings


Short time-to-market

When you choose to build your data center using DataXenter modules, you can be operational within 4 months.

Expand without any downtime

Our modules have been designed to operate autonomously. An expansion can be implemented without any downtime of modules that are already operational. 

Low initial investment

For a relatively low investment you can set up your own data center and then expand it as  business grows. We also offer an operational lease facility, together with a large bank, so that investments don't hamper your growth. The lease package is available on a monthly lease fee.

Low Total Cost Ownership

DataXenter uses adiabatic cooling to cool the IT modules. This results in a very low PUE, and hence low energy costs. This forms the basis for solid and profitable operations and a  competitive advantage for your business. DataXenter's modules allow you to plan and set up your data center using all space available, enabling you to get the most out of your floorspace.

Green credentials

Adiabatic cooling means that air-conditioning is not used, which results in lower energy usage and does not use environmentally unfriendly coolant. 

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