About DataXenter

The starting point for the concept development was a short time-to-market for a completely new data center with the lowest possible energy usage (PUE < 1.2). DataXenter's modules allow you to create a fully operational data center within 3 months at the lowest TCO.

Complete datacenter

DataXenter designs and manufactures modular data centers, that consist of modules of pre-fabricated base units. You can always add more modules to your data center, enabling you to start small and expand as business grows. Depending on the situation and requirements the modules can be fitted with high-grade (adiabatic) Eco-Cooling and UPS systems. This ensures all the elements are available for a professional, economical, reliable and safe data center.

Worldwide delivery

DataXenter is your partner for scalable modular data centers. DataXenter works with state-of-the-art equipment, offering turn-key solutions anywhere in the world.

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